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The Palace of Westminster

This event was hosted by The Lord Kennedy of Southwark on behalf of London Southside Chamber of Commerce and Southwark Chamber of Commerce

Forty-five members of London Southside, Southwark and South East London Chambers enjoyed a fascinating guided tour of the Houses of Parliament and were able to experience the rich culture and history of the Palace of Westminster.

The tour lasted just over one hour and was conducted by Lord Kennedy himself. It was followed by drinks on the Terrace of the House of Lords, which provided an opportunity for members of the three Chambers to network while enjoying some pleasant early summer weather overlooking the River Thames.

Letter of Appreciation – Pamela Price

Dear Lord Kennedy,

I am not sure if this is the proper form of address but whatever it should be this is a heartfelt thanks for your tour yesterday with the two South London Chambers. It was a joy and a privilege to be taken round the  Houses and to see them going about their business and for us to see some of the rich history which has made such democracy as we have. Thank you.

I could have spent far longer particularly in the library corridor which was not so full of dry titles as I had imagined and looking at all the pictures and fitting them in with such history as I remember and finding out about the ones I don’t know, who was Montrose, why did Lord and Lady Russel part? I am sure you know and I shall find out, so thank you again for arranging such an evening and then for drinks on the terrace where I could check out the wards and windows that I had stayed in at St Thomas’s opposite and meeting and chatting with new acquaintances. A very enjoyable way to spend a Wednesday evening so again Thank you.

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