The Chamber

London Southside Chamber of Commerce (LSCC) is here to support its members based or having a business interest in south London to build successful businesses locally and internationally.

In doing so, we also hope to introduce opportunities for our members to champion corporate social responsibility.

LSCC is all about helping your business raise its profile in your local community and further afield, penetrate existing markets and/or enter into new ones. We want to support you by providing the social and business networks that will inspire you to grow and make your business better.

You might be a restaurant owner in Borough Market, a small florist in Clapham or a large accountancy firm in Islington, regardless, LSCC will work hard in creating plenty of networking opportunities for you to talk and meet with potential customers and suppliers at home and abroad.

We are committed to organising events that will appeal to businesses of all sizes and sectors. For example, we run local, informal events such as breakfast meetings for our members to get together to catch up with news as well as international trade missions that give you the chance to have an insight into potential overseas supply bases and markets.

We have excellent links and relationships with local councillors, MPs, other chambers of commerce, business support services and trade organisations both at home and abroad.

LSCC has offices at King William Street (in Central London) and at Streatham Common (in Lambeth).

Gerry MacDonagh

Gerry MacDonagh, Our Executive Director,  graduated with a Master of Arts degree from Glasgow University. He trained as a teacher of French and History; worked in Greece, France and Libya; then as a lecturer at Lambeth College of Further Education, where I was responsible for industrial liaison and developing and maintaining all the college’s links with commerce and industry.

He formed London Southside Chamber of Commerce in 1989, with the aim of providing support and networking opportunities leading to business growth for our members, who are entrepreneurs and organisations, and also the wider community within which they operate.

Gerry’s specialties include; Networking, Trade Missions, Links with British & overseas Chambers of Commerce, helping members find new business opportunities.

“Over 30 Events a year at which you can promote your Business”

Membership Benefits

Whether your business is brand new or established, large or small, London Southside Chamber of Commerce (LSCC) will help you to prosper and grow.We warmly welcome any business based or having some business interest in London south of the Thames to become a member.Your membership is a corporate one that allows everyone in your organisation to access any of our services and attend our events.

As a new member, you will be given a presentation slot at one of our Business Club meetings or luncheons to use if you wish to formally showcase your business and sell your products and services to LSCC members. After your talk, there will be networking session where you can continue your conversations and make your connections over free refreshments.

You will also receive a digital membership badge to place on your website which we ask you to create a link to our website. This will help towards your website’s search engine optimisation. And, you will receive a certificate and membership card verifying your membership:


  • Masterclass seminars and workshops
  • Access to local councillors, MPs and overseas trade organisations
  • Access to other Chambers of Commerce in the UK and overseas
  • Practical and educational business briefings
  • Networking opportunities
  • Bespoke introductions to members
  • Frequent Business Club meetings and lunches
  • Free business entry on our online directory
  • International trade missions
  • Special ‘member only’ discounts.

Membership Fees

United Kingdom

  • New Members: One off joining fee £30 plus annual subscription: £125 per year (or £90 per year by standing order).
  • Membership Renewals: £125 per year (or £90 per year by standing order).


  • One off joining fee – £40 plus £140 per year (or £100 per year by standing order).
  • Membership Renewals: £140 per year (or £100 per year by standing order).