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A presentation by the Bank of England

An Update About this Event

This was a joint online event for London Southside Chamber of Commerce and Southwark Chamber of Commerce. It provided an opportunity to learn from our most important independent financial institution about what is really going on in the London economy and the benefits to our members’ businesses.

Rob Elder, the Bank of England Agent for Greater London, set out the existing position as he sees it.  See Rob’s details HERE.

Prior to COVID-19 restrictions only those who could get an invitation to lunch at the Bank had access to this kind of insight but now with the magic of video conferencing they were able to have a virtual breakfast briefing at the Bank.

In the course of a truly fascinating talk, Rob covered the effects to date and the possible future impact on London’s economy of the Pandemic and of Brexit. The event was well attended by members of LSCC and of Southwark Chamber.

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