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Seavus Joins LSCC

About Seavus

What drives our spirit is innovation creating the next generation solutions that take the business world beyond success. We are focused on thinking further than what is expected, and this is why we are always proposing fresh solutions to the existing challenges.

We started our story back in 1999 with a few people and an idea. Today we are a multinational company that continuously delights the customers with services and products in an agile and business-value-first approach. With a strong belief of the capacity of our people, we are more than sure that the synergy of their creativity and expertise can make us the ultimate world class role model of a software development company. Every project that we started, created new opportunities for our people to reach even greater goals and knowledge.

We help over 3,500 customers worldwide to efficiently achieve their goals. Some of them are walking the road to success with us for over 18 years.

We have many partners with whom we have brilliant communication, understanding and awesome achievements together. Seavus has a very strong network of partners working on different levels and improving the quality of the products and the services: Microsoft Gold Partner, Oracle Partner Network, IBM, Green Hill Software, Attivio, CGS, Cysco Systems, Abby and many more. Lately, Seavus became Atlassian Silver Partner and Elastic Premium Partner.

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